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There are some well known staple movements in every gym, the Bench Press, The Shoulder Press, The Deadlift and The Squat. While I am a believer in all of those exercises and regularly practice all those lifts, focusing solely on them can be monotonous. So here are 3 variations to mix up your routine and develop your strength and physique further. 
There were some criteria that I had to check off before deciding my final 3 exercises, these were: 
Compatibility with mainstream gyms 
While all the variations I looked at were viable here at Peak Performance, I had to make sure that these lifts or a version of them could be performed in any gym anywhere 
Carryover to the main lift 
Although this article is suggesting you swap out the main lifts with these variations, a carryover of strength when you move back to them is still important. 
‘Bang for your Buck’ 
A phrase used a lot, but some exercises that I looked at would have been great as accessory work, but as a main compound movement in your sessions, just didn’t stand up. 
Are you a woman put off by weight training in your local gym? Perhaps you feel self conscious. Perhaps you don't feel it's the most effective way to lose weight. Maybe you're worried about the way you'll look afterwards. 
In this blog post we address the following myths and fears and show you why you needn't worry. 
"When I go into the weights area everybody stares at me" 
"I lost loads of weight when I was running for an hour or more every day, let's do that" 
"Lifting weights will make me look bulky and manly" 
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