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There are some well known staple movements in every gym, the Bench Press, The Shoulder Press, The Deadlift and The Squat. While I am a believer in all of those exercises and regularly practice all those lifts, focusing solely on them can be monotonous. So here are 3 variations to mix up your routine and develop your strength and physique further. 
There were some criteria that I had to check off before deciding my final 3 exercises, these were: 
Compatibility with mainstream gyms 
While all the variations I looked at were viable here at Peak Performance, I had to make sure that these lifts or a version of them could be performed in any gym anywhere 
Carryover to the main lift 
Although this article is suggesting you swap out the main lifts with these variations, a carryover of strength when you move back to them is still important. 
‘Bang for your Buck’ 
A phrase used a lot, but some exercises that I looked at would have been great as accessory work, but as a main compound movement in your sessions, just didn’t stand up. 
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