Are you a woman put off by weight training in your local gym? Perhaps you feel self conscious. Perhaps you don't feel it's the most effective way to lose weight. Maybe you're worried about the way you'll look afterwards. 
In this blog post we address the following myths and fears and show you why you needn't worry. 
"When I go into the weights area everybody stares at me" 
"I lost loads of weight when I was running for an hour or more every day, let's do that" 
"Lifting weights will make me look bulky and manly" 

Myth no. 3 When I go into the weights everybody stares at me. 

Firstly, most people especially men in the free weights sections of gyms, are more concerned with how they look than how you do. 
The perception that people are staring at you when you enter this area is because in most gyms it is not the social norm for women to be comfortable around weights, let alone in the weights area. The more regularly you attend the gym and use the free weights machines, the more and more comfortable you will feel around the area, and the more ‘normal’ this will appear to the other members. 
If the idea of using the weights area is still too daunting, then there are a couple other options to start you on your weight training journey. Most big commercial gyms now have a second area for more functional training, in this area you will commonly find; suspension trainers, kettlebells, medicine balls, lighter dumbbells, resistance bags. All of these items are a great way to begin using weights to help achieve the body you desire, and when used in conjunction with some of the resistance machines in most commercial gyms, will help to build a solid resistance training programme. 

Myth no. 2 I lost loads of weight when I was running for an hour or more every day, let's do that again 

While you did lose a lot of weight on the scale, what the scales aren’t telling you is where you are losing the weight from, and almost certainly isn’t giving you the ‘toned’ look you were going for. 
We have all seen these people in the gym, 30 minutes on the cross trainer, 30 minutes on the treadmill, and then 30 minutes on the bike, build up a huge sweat and then leave. What is happening when you do that style of training is lose weight. But not the body fat you want to lose, you will cause a lot of muscle wastage also. This muscle wastage will lead you to give the appearance of being skinny in clothes but when naked the body not looking ‘firm’ or ‘toned’. This is common amongst women and is called being skinny fat. 

Myth no. 1 Lifting weights will make me look bulky and manly 

Female bodybuilders spend years working towards the goal of looking the way they do, especially the ones that compete in the heavier weight classes. Increasing the amount of testosterone in their bodies and eating a very high calorie diet, two things that the lady on the street isn’t doing. 
The purpose of lifting any weight is to get stronger. Stronger muscles allow you to train more consistently with heavier weight, which in turn makes the muscles you have denser. Combine this with eating healthy and in a calorific deficit women will achieve the ‘toned’ result they are looking for. 
For the most part, the most aesthetically pleasing bodies are those that are a combination of both convex and concave curves. Building muscle will help to accentuate these convex curves, giving women the shapely figure they desire. 


Don’t believe all the myths around training, seek out a qualified personal trainer to help you achieve the body shape, size and weight you desire. Everyone is different, every body is different, no one-size fits all but, with the correct training and advice, you can achieve the body you’re most comfortable with. 
Here at Peak Performance at the Imex Centre in Burton, we offer membership packages which include personal training sessions, created for each individual member, so it’s cost effective as well as being physically effective. Why not get in touch via our contacts page and take advantage of a free no-obligations 
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